Les spécialistes de l'orthodontie

Your smile
is safe in
our hands

Your smile is safe
in our hands

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Quick access to dental care

One of Orthodent’s core values is to organise your initial examination as quickly as possible. Call your local Orthodent centre to arrange an appointment as soon as possible, to ensure that your treatment can begin without delay.

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A focus on patient well-being

Children receive support tailored to their age, needs and sensitivities. Parents are provided with clear, accurate information. Orthodent’s core values are to listen to each patient’s needs and look after their physical and social well-being.

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hd_dollarClear, affordable pricing

Orthodent SA makes orthodontics accessible to everyone with high-quality dental care and the very latest technology at
affordable prices. Orthodent is a specialist, providing orthodontics services only in its centres.

Orthodontics at affordable prices?

We also perform the invisible orthodontics of your choice: lingually or with gutters